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Here you can find the latest news and information about the U.S. Web Design Standards. Read our latest release notes, learn about the Standards’ impact in the government, and learn how we conduct user research to continuously improve our product and process.

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You can read more about the Standards on the 18F blog, where we cover the latest development releases as well as interviews with the teams from across government who have successfully implemented the Standards at their agencies.

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Standards in the wild

Interested in seeing who else is using the U.S. Web Design Standards? We maintain a list of sites in our GitHub repo. Feel free to open an issue or email us if you’d like to add your project to our list.

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Web analytics for sites that use the Standards

By accessing the Google Analytics data gathered for analytics.usa.gov, we have aggregated a few data points to approximate how many users of federal websites have “experienced” the U.S. Web Design Standards. We will update these numbers quarterly.

Quarter New users Total users Page views
2016 Q4 54,646,374 62,220,498 478,526,298
2016 Q3 52,870,578 59,841,967 487,462,513
2016 Q2 53,006,353 60,214,372 391,914,815