About our work

Product roadmap

Here, you’ll find our product roadmap — an up-to-date report on the work we’re doing.

We’ve categorized our work into four themes:

Milestone 1

  • A public, up-to-date product road map. done
  • A public maintenance plan. done
  • A bare-bones HTML starter page, with CSS and JS pre-linked and necessary tags and classes. in progress
  • Defined processes for active and public implementer support. in progress
  • Contribution guidelines for both designers and developers. in progress
  • Form patterns that include recommendations for just-in-time instructions.
  • UI components are comprised of clean, semantic code. in progress
  • Simple "Getting Started" process and instructions. in progress
  • A core set of common, usable web components. in progress
  • Ready to go HTML templates (and related design stencils) for common types of government site pages.

Milestone 2

  • Form templates structured in short chunks.
  • Language toggle and other web components related to multilingual sites.
  • Case studies that illustrate how the Standards can be used.
  • Boilerplate language to include in government contracts.
  • The ability to quickly copy and paste code from the website.
  • Concise, focused documentation that is easy to find but out of the way.
  • Form patterns that allow for easy recovery of mistakes.
  • Website chrome in Spanish.
  • Easy ways to customize the Standards to fit an agency’s brand and needs.
  • Design stencils and assets.

Milestone 3

  • Interaction patterns for save-as-you-go functionality
  • Guidance on how to manage updates to the Standards in your own project.
  • A fork-able starter project representing a simple, static site with a few common pages.
  • Wayfinding components, such as progress indicators.